About - Carolyn Cheng

Adventure travel has been a lifelong passion and, along the journey, I’ve always been more drawn to countries and cultures that are different than my own.

In landscape photography, my interests also lean in a similar direction. As a Canadian, I love the grand iconic landscapes that are an intrinsic part of our identity.  Yet, when I travel, I find myself drawn to the textures and abstracts of surreal or unexpected places – the surprising beauty and colour from otherwise desolate badlands, the resilience and starkness of life and death in the desert, the remoteness of the earth’s pristine poles, the bold and captivating patterns in river deltas from the air or the hide-and-seek land that surfaces from behind a sea of foggy cloud.

Travelling in the great outdoors provides me with both the excitement of discovery and the serenity that comes from being humbled by the grandeur of nature. It’s a privilege to capture these moments on my journeys so that I can share them with others.

Note: If you are interested in prints, please reach me via the Contact form.  I’d be happy to discuss a custom piece for you.

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