About Me

Carolyn Cheng is a self-taught, contemporary Canadian photographer currently living and working in Toronto, Ontario. She is an award-winning artist that has shown at the Art Gallery of Hamilton. Her work is also held in various private collections.

Cheng’s images have been published in the International Landscape Photographer of the Year Top 101 Book as well as National Geographic’s Photo of the Week series.  She has received Silver, Bronze and Honourable Mentions from the PX3 and IPA Professional Awards Programs respectively and earlier, she was awarded Amateur Photographer of the Year by One Eyeland.

Artist Statement

“Painting... in which the inner and the outer man are inseparable, transcends technique, transcends subject and moves into the realm of the inevitable.” Lee Krasner

Carolyn Cheng is an abstract aerial photographer who is fascinated with the concept of pareidolia, the psychological phenomenon that causes people to see patterns and/or ascribe human characteristics to abstract matter. Drawn to unusual landscapes and perspectives, her aesthetic is painterly, lyrical and abstract and her images attempt to evoke affective or bodily responses in the viewer. Through the camera, Cheng transforms the landscape into shapes and forms, communicating through it as a medium rather than as a subject.

Fascinated by the aerial perspective, Cheng’s images are often taken from above, usually in a helicopter or a Cessna. Drawing heavily on the painterly practices of abstract expressionists, Cheng prioritizes spontaneity and improvisation in the air, creating images out of immediacy and instinct. With vast amounts of land covered in limited air time, the abstract aesthetic and the personal connection must both be powerfully and instantaneously present to inspire the creation of an image representative of herself while also being universally relatable.

Note: If you are interested in prints, please reach me via the Contact form.  I’d be happy to discuss a custom piece for you.

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